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visual artist

yoga/wellness guide

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I excel at helping people move through transitions into their joy and strength.  

Let me help you re-experience your world and your work through one or more of the expressive arts.

I help individuals, institutions and communities to heal and grow

using over 30 years of wisdom gained as an artist and educator, and a decade of non-profit arts leadership experience.

Professionalism and Experience

With degrees in music therapy and social work and training in multiple arts disciplines, I have the tools and understanding to shepherd you to the life you imagine, one filled with beauty, joy, vitality, and a deep inner strength.

Please visit the Expressive Arts pages to learn more.

Supportive Journey

Your dedication and my commitment will ensure you (and yours) have the accountability, understanding and support to accomplish lasting growth.

Commit to an easier journey: allow me to support you, 

your family, your company, your community!


Learn about inspirational events (concerts, classes, art shows) and receive support for the next stage of your journey!